Many Christian denominations emphasize making a Lenten sacrifice, as well as fasting and abstinence during the season of Lent and in particular, on its first day, Ash Wednesday. The First Council of Nicaea spoke of Lent as a period of fasting for forty days, in preparation for Eastertide. While starting a Lenten sacrifice on Ash Wednesday (e. g. giving up watching television), it is customary to pray for strength to keep it through the whole season of Lent; many often wish others for doing so as well, e. g. “May God bless your Lenten sacrifice. ” In many places, Christians historically abstained from food for a whole day until the evening, and at sunset, Western Christians traditionally broke the Lenten fast, which is often known as the Black Fast. In India and Pakistan, many Christians continue this practice of fasting until sunset on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, with some fasting in this manner throughout the whole season of Lent. After attending a worship service (often on Wednesday evenings), it is common for Christians of various denominations often break that day’s Lenten fast together through a communal Lenten supper, which is held in the church’s parish hall.

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