Elmer, driving his Ford Model T jalopy to a Conga beat, makes his way to Jellostone National Park (a pun on Yellowstone National Park) while looking forward to getting some rest. Elmer sets up his campsite by setting a campfire, and hanging a mirror on a tree and, beneath it, a washbasin on a table, hanging a hammock, and pitching his tent. The tent is positioned directly over Bugs Bunny’s rabbit hole (just as Elmer had arrived, Bugs had posted a sign next to his hole saying ‘Camp Here’, then had retreated into the lair, covering it with grass as he went). From down there, Bugs breaks down the tent and drags it inside. Elmer reaches in and, in spite of resistance from below, retrieves the tent which is tied in knots. Bugs pops up, welcomes Elmer to Jellostone (“a restful retreat. Oh brudda!”) and pulls Elmer’s hat over his eyes. Elmer reaches in again and tries to yank Bugs out. After several attempts, Elmer pulls his hands out to find that his fingers are tied together. He nails a board over the hole (“that’ll hold ’em alwhight, heh-heh-heh-heh-heh”). However, Bugs simply pushes it open, steps out and mimics Elmer. Bugs balloons up to Elmer’s size and repeats what Elmer had said, labeling it “phooey”. Elmer then settles into his hammock and quickly falls fast asleep, muttering to himself.

Big chungus coloring, Lessons from the real world can also be taught at the same time.