The game is played in the first person, the player being able to walk through the city and persuade the citizens, who are known as “Angries”, to repair it, clean it up, and rebuild. The Angries change colour according to their mood, purple being the ultimate state of anger and despair. Completing certain tasks gives the Angries extra powers, such as the ability to create street art, and certain infrastructure repairs improve the areas communications and give the community new systems for their benefit. Keith Stuart of The Guardian described some of these—”Reactivating a communications tower will get the word out about clean-up efforts, [. . . ] the trade plaza represents commerce and a system that pumps curry into every home is a great allegory for everyday utilities. ”

Big robot coloring page, In addition to the general biblical theme food coloring sheets the other types of hue sheets that can also be regarded as biblical coloring pages will be - Angel Color Internet pages, Christmas Color Pages, and New Testament Color Pages.