The word “capuchin” derives from a group of friars named the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, an offshoot from the Franciscans, who wear brown robes with large hoods. When Portuguese explorers reached the Americas in the 15th century, they found small monkeys whose coloring resembled these friars, especially when in their robes with hoods down, and named them capuchins. When the scientists described a specimen (thought to be a golden-bellied capuchin) they noted that: “his muzzle of a tanned color,. . . with the lighter color around his eyes that melts into the white at the front, his cheeks. . . , give him the looks that involuntarily reminds us of the appearance that historically in our country represents ignorance, laziness, and sensuality. ” The scientific name of the genus, Cebus comes from the Greek word kêbos, meaning a long-tailed monkey.

Capuchin monkey coloring page, There are quite some of them.