Lynch (Gary Oldman), an emotionless bon-vivant hitman, stops a thief who stole a cell phone from Mimi (Elena Anaya) in a train station. Falling for her at first sight, he does not notice when she accidentally switches cell phones with him. She later gives Lynch’s phone to her boyfriend
Abe Klein (Andrew-Lee Potts) who works as a locksmith. When Lynch’s employers try to assign Lynch another assassination over the phone, Abe and his pot-smoking slacker artist friend go to warn the victim, Mr. Fish (Terence Stamp), hoping for a reward. Concerned by Abe’s behaviour over the phone, the employer has another operative, Virgil (Billy Zane), who does not know Lynch by sight, check up on him. The operative has a czech killer, Dragan (Karel Roden), brought in to deal with “Lynch”. All the while, Danny Devine (Robert Carlyle), a foul-tempered, foul-mouthed loan shark, is driving around trying to collect from various deadbeat clients including Abe.

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