Ten years later, the de Barbarac manor is in debt under Rodmilla’s negligence and expensive lifestyle. Rodmilla forces Danielle to work as her stepfamily’s servant; she and Marguerite mistreat Danielle, but Jacqueline treats her kindly. Danielle stops a man stealing her father’s horse, only to realize he is Prince Henry of France, who gives her 20 gold francs for her silence. Fleeing a marriage arranged by his parents, King Francis and Queen Marie, to Princess Gabriella of Spain, Henry stops to help Leonardo da Vinci recover the Mona Lisa from gypsy bandits and gets caught. Disguising herself as a noblewoman, Danielle takes the gold to buy back her family servant Maurice, whom Rodmilla sold into slavery. Henry witnesses the argument between Danielle and the slave cart driver and intervenes, not recognizing Danielle. Intrigued by her, Henry orders Maurice’s release and begs for her name; Danielle lies and gives her late mother’s name, Comtesse Nicole de Lancret. King Francis announces a masquerade ball, where Henry must choose a bride by midnight or wed Gabriella, leading Rodmilla to scheme to marry Marguerite to Henry.

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