Frank and Carol Martin anxiously wait for their son Danny to visit from college, where Danny will introduce his girlfriend Jade. When the couple arrives, Frank is shocked because Jade looks exactly like a girl he had once loved over 20 years ago.
In a flashback, Frank was a Vietnam veteran who came home from the war traumatized. He became estranged from Carol and eventually got a job as a security guard at a military lab. Inside the lab was a woman who was strapped to a table repeatedly being cut open and screaming in pain. Horrified, he tried to rescue her. The lead scientist, Dr. Lawrence Sinclair, intercepted their escape attempt and claimed the woman isn’t human, and their research on her will achieve miracles. Frank declared him a madman and fought him. Sinclair accidentally shot an oxygen tank that blew up the building. Frank and the woman barely escaped and assumed everyone else was killed. The woman introduced herself as Laura. While on the run, the two shared a romantic and sexual relationship. Eventually, the two went their separate ways, then Frank reconciled with Carol and had Danny. As the family has dinner, Frank is incredibly nervous and can’t stop staring at Jade. He speaks with her in private and voices his theory that she is his and Laura’s daughter, and warns her this would make her Danny’s half-sister. She corrects him because she is Laura. She was born in the Middle Ages and as a teenager, her village was wiped out by the Black Death Plague. She discovered that not only had she survived, she stopped aging, she’s immune to disease, and she rapidly heals from injuries. When Frank is skeptical, she pulls a textbook from his own shelf and shows him a portrait with her likeness on it that dates back to the 18th century (Mrs Richard Brinsley Sheridan by Thomas Gainsborough). She sadly admits that through the centuries, she’s had many many lovers, and she’s tired of having to leave them behind before they discover her secret. She truly loves Danny and doesn’t want to go through this again.

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