The music video was released on May 9, 2008. It was shot in Jamaica and revolves around a group of people celebrating the discovery of a door that leads to another dimension. Gnarls Barkley does not appear in the video, but one of the main characters does the lip-synching of the song for the first verse. After that, the lead male and female in the video carry the door to a distant field. They then watch as the door opens. The female then throws a rock through the open doorway and, as it reaches the threshold, the space inside the frame splits into several shards of different colors. The two crouch down slowly in front of the door, exchange a glance, and then the male sprints toward the open door and disappears. On the other side of the door, where the male would have appeared had he not disappeared, the words “DON’T FOLLOW ME” appear. The female does not see the words and also sprints towards the door and likewise disappears.

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