Allahpundit’s first site, Allah Is in the House was founded on August 27, 2003. The author wrote in the persona of Allah, using similar language to that of terrorist organizations but assuming the viewpoint of the God such organizations follow. (The author distinguished between the viewpoint being satirized and that of mainstream Muslims, and provided a disclaimer to the effect that his moniker was not, in fact, “anti-Muslim,” as casual visitors sometimes assumed. )[citation needed] The blog specialized in written and Photoshop-based political satire. After a hiatus in May 2004, the blog reemerged, continuing its satiric nature while largely abandoning the “Allah voice. ” After October 2004 the blog was updated more sporadically, and the web address allahpundit. com was eventually abandoned. After occasional entries at allahakbar. blogspot. com, Allahpundit shut down his individual blogging operations altogether.

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