Beginning in 1974, Kool-Aid Man was introduced as a walking/talking 6-foot-tall pitcher of cherry Kool-Aid, reportedly voiced by Grey Advertising composer, Richard Berg and created by Alan Kupchick and Harold Karp (of Grey Advertising). Children, parched from playing, or other various activities, would typically exchange a few words referring to their thirst, then put a hand to the side of their mouths and by shouting “Hey, Kool-Aid!”, whereupon, the Kool-Aid Man would make his grand entrance, breaking through walls, fences, ceilings or furnishings, uttering the famous words “Oh yeah!”, then pour the dehydrated youngsters a glass of Kool-Aid from his own pitcher. Beginning in 1979, in what was seen as a major advance in children’s advertising,[citation needed] the character’s mouth was animated to move in synchronization with the voice actor’s singing and/or dialogue.

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