One night, after Emily is telling her younger sister, Sophie, a bedtime story, Emily goes into the portal leading to Elvendale. However, she is unaware of Sophie following her. Once Sophie lands in Elvendale, Azari, Farran, Aira, and Nadia instantly love her. Emily is surprised, and wants to take her home, but the elves want to show her around. They soon meet Cronan, an earth elf. He is very welcoming to all of the elves. As they explore, Emily’s attempts to take Sophie home fail, and this leads to frequent argument between the sisters. When they come to the elve’s tree house, goblins appear and burn it down. After, Sophie wanders off into the forest, and sees Cronan, who is actually the leader of the goblins. He takes her prisoner, in order to lure Emily and take her amulet. Once he has her amulet, he can open the portal to earth and rule both Elvendale and Earth. Emily and the elves meet Rosalyn, and they help heal her dragon. In return, she helps them free Sophie. However, Rosalyn holds back many secrets from the elves, including how she gets her powerful potions. Once Emily and the elves rescue Sophie, The Goblin King sends his shadow creature, Darknicity, after them. They escape and go to Rosalyn’s sanctuary. Once there, Nadia finds a picture of Rosalyn and Cronan together. Rosalyn explains that they were once in love, but Cronan started to slip away from her. This was because he mined crystals from the Great Guardian Tree, and taking the magic from the forest. Then, Cronan turned on Rosalyn, and mind controlled the animals against her. Rosalyn calls on her dragon, Sapphire, and Ashwing, but Cronan defeats them, and takes Ashwing as his own dragon. Back at the sanctuary, Naida refuses to believe that Cronan is evil. Emily tells her that there are 2 sides to every story. The next morning, Naida has disappeared. The elves search for her and try to restore the forest. They rescue a kitten from the goblins, but when it sees Emily’s amulet, it turns into a bear and lunges for it. Farran traps it in leaves, but it escapes and chases them. They barricade themselves in Rosalyn’s sanctuary. Meanwhile, Naida goes looking for the Goblin King. She arrives at his castle. The goblins let her in to see the king. Ashwing lunges at her, but the dragon is secured by a chain. However, Naida is stunned by its appearance. She goes to the roof to see Cronan. As soon as she arrives, the door is locked and Cronan says he “has big plans” for her. He tells Naida about his side of the story. His mother was one of the Five Sisters. She tried to open the portal to Earth, but the magic was too powerful. Cronan swears he’ll bring her back.

Lego elves coloring, It is not hard to fill in with colors because of broad outlines.