The crossover toys-to-life game Lego Dimensions developed by Traveller’s Tales features content based on the original The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie. A “Starter Pack” includes an additional level that recreates the events of the original film and adds Wyldstyle as a playable character. Additional “Fun packs” add Emmet, Benny, Bad Cop and Unikitty as playable characters. A “story pack” offers an extended six-level story campaign retelling the events of the The Lego Batman Movie, and includes a playable Robin[a] and Batgirl. Additional “Fun packs” add Excalibur Batman as a playable character is included as a playable character in a Fun Pack.

Lego super heroes colouring pages, the ever-evolving technology that individuals are all so in awe of, it is the high-tech game titles and toys that generally catch the attention of parents, while the positive aspects that coloring pages have to give you very young or even general age children, are overlooked.