The first Toy Story sets were released on December 30, 2009. Army Men on Patrol (set number: 7595) is a 90 piece set. The sets features include an 8 cm (3″) jeep, a stretcher and four minifigures. The minifigures include three plain army men and a medic. Buzz’s Star Command Spaceship (set number: 7593) is a 257 piece set. The set features include a Star Command spaceship which is 18 cm (7″) tall, a moon buggy, an Emperor Zurg minifigure and a Buzz Lightyear minifigure. This set is based on the spin-off TV series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. Woody and Buzz to the Rescue (set number: 7590) is a 92 piece set. Its features include RC the car with a pull-back motor, a Woody minifigure, and a Buzz Lightyear minifigure attached to a rocket. The car measures 13 cm (5″) long. Woody’s Roundup! (set number: 7594) was the fourth set to be released in December. It is a 502 piece set, its features include the sheriffs building, a jail, a mine, and four minifigures. It is 28 cm (11″) long, 20 cm (8″) tall and over 10 cm (4″) wide. The four minifigures include Woody, Jessie, Bullseye and Stinky Pete. This set is based on the show-within-a-show Woody’s Roundup. All of these sets have a recommended age range of 6–12, except Buzz’s Star Command Spaceship (set number: 7593), which has an age range of 7-14.

Lego toy story 4 coloring pages, This cute felines real actual name is Kitty White, which is something only the most enthusiastic fans know.