In Monsters, Inc. , he vies for the position as the area’s top scream collector, a competition set up to encourage working. Randall does manage to win top position for a few seconds until Sulley returns from a slumber party, thus winning it back. They also compete for the All-Time Scare Record. It is later discovered that Randall has an ulterior motive: he and his long-suffering assistant Jeff Fungus build and operate a large vacuum-like machine dubbed the Scream Extractor, that is capable of collecting the screams of human children that he has captured by extracting their pneunothoraxes, thus asphyxiating their victims and collaborates with Waternoose at saving the company by kidnapping human children to solve the crisis. One night, sometimes after Randall had finished building the Scream Extractor, he left a door activated on the Scare Floor, when he was doing a bit of late-night wok, and a little girl (later named Boo) wanders out. Randall makes several attempts to get information out of Sulley and Mike on where the child is and, at one point, accidentally kidnaps Mike. Fungus is put in front of the machine and is blanched in white. He is soon revealed to be in league with Waternoose, who banishes Sulley and Mike to the Himalayas to ensure that they cannot interfere with Waternoose’s plan any further and to keep them from exposing their scheme to the public. Before Randall could extract the scream from her, Sulley returns and destroys the machine, rescuing Boo. After a long chase through the millions of doors in the factory’s door storage facility, Boo eventually conquers her fear of Randall and buys Sulley enough time to defeat him. Afterwards, Randall is forcibly exiled to the human world and winds up in a mobile home where the inhabitants beat him senseless, thinking he is an alligator. Sulley and Mike then destroy the door to prevent Randall’s return. Later, Waternoose is exposed and arrested for his crimes while Fungus reforms.

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