In March 2012, Mind Candy confirmed a major partnership deal with Sony Music. The deal followed the recent launch of Mind Candy’s own music label, Moshi Monsters Music. The deal will see Sony Music handle the distribution aspects of Moshi Monsters’ music releases, starting with the debut album Moshi Monsters, Music Rox! Jason Perry, formerly with the UK rock band A and head of Moshi Music, is driving the new album. The Moshi Monsters series features music from Sonic Boom, Beatie Wolfe, The Blackout, Portia Conn, and songs such as “Moptop Tweenybop” and “Merry Twistmas”. Two albums are available on iTunes and Google Play, as well as on disc. One album contains the songs from Moshi Monsters: The Movie, and another album has some of Moshi Monster’s first songs. Not all songs are available to buy on various platforms.

Moshi monsters coloring pages, Parents who just hand out coloring pages for kids and go off to do other things are missing a valuable bonding opportunity.