Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense and strategy video game in which the player defend a house from zombies. The playing field is divided into a grid of five or six horizontal rows and nine columns, and is generally stylized as a lawn with a house at the left side. The player places different types of plants and fungi on the individual squares of the grid. Each plant has a different style of defense, such as shooting or exploding. Different types of zombies also have their own gimmicks, with certain plants being more effective against each one. The player can only pick a limited number of plants through seed packets at the beginning of each level, and must pay using a currency called “sun” to place them. The player can gather sun by either clicking on the sun that randomly generate over the lawn, or by using certain plants, like Sunflowers, Twin Sunflowers, and Sunshrooms, that generate it. If zombies reach the left edge of the lane, they are mowed down by a Lawnmower at the end of each row, clearing all zombies in its path. If the zombie reaches the end of the lane and the Lawnmower has already been used, the player has to start the level over.

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