Notes Blackfire is actually Gemini (Gemini De Mille), working undercover for the Brotherhood of Justice. Psimon is shown sporting a cybernetic faceguard resembling that of Brainiac. “Nightwing” is based on Team Titans member Nightrider (Dagon) rather than Nightwing (Dick Grayson). The Teen Tyrants versions of Aqualad and Speedy are costumed and armed as their adult selves Tempest and Arsenal. Raven wears the red Dark Raven costume, implying that she is possessed or dominated by her father Trigon. She is drawn to resemble Jinx; she has the same pink hair, gray skin, and specific facial markings. The Titans see a host of alternate Titans teams in their travels. Among them are a Chibi-version of the Titans, a Furry-version of the Titans, the Team Titans, and the original Teen Titans.

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