Elaine strains her neck trying to get a bike down from the wall in a toy store. In pain, she impulsively claims that she would give up the bike to whoever fixes her neck. When Kramer gives her a treatment that makes her feel better, he demands the bike despite it being a girl’s bike. Elaine reluctantly allows him to have it, but the next day, her neck pain soon returns worse than ever (Kramer said she should have slept on a board), so she demands the bike back. The pair decide to have a neutral third party, Newman, decide who should keep the bike. He declares that they should cut the bike in half, so Elaine and Kramer can both have it. Elaine thinks the idea is ridiculous but hesitantly agrees, whereas Kramer tells Newman to give the bike to Elaine, saying he would rather it belong to her than see it destroyed. Much to Elaine’s outrage, this leads Newman to decree the bike should be Kramer’s.

the seven dwarfs coloring pages, Earlier turnip was traditionally used as a symbol of Halloween to remember the souls but later pumpkin gain popularity due to its availability in the universe.