“Sh-Sh-Shark!”: Shark is misunderstood. Everyone is afraid of him and won’t even give him a chance to prove Shark’s friendly. Everyone but Duck, that is, who doesn’t know that the letters S and H together make the ‘sh’ sound and, therefore, doesn’t know who Shark is. When Duck introduces his new WordFriend to the gang, Duck learns a lesson about the ‘sh’ sound, while everyone else learns that acceptance is an important part of friendship. Build a Word: “SHOE””Dog Wants to Play Ball”: Dog wants to play ball, but Dog’s having trouble communicating with his friends. Pig, Sheep and Frog each think Dog wants to do what they want to do. When Bear actually takes the time to listen to Dog, Dog gets his wish…and everyone has a ball! Build a Word: “BALL”

Word world coloring pages, Halloween coloring pages have fierce characters in them, made up specially for this occasion.