Ready-Made iPhone Style Images for Designers

Making software or creating a Web site for iPhone owners? Using iPhone-styled styling is essential for giving iPhone users with familiar look and feel. The library of instantly available iPhone-styled toolbar icons will let you design a great-looking product faster and more affordably.

iPhone Style Toolbar Icons by are produced to closely mimic the graphical style of Apple iPhone devices. Offering the same modern design and familiar gradients, iPhone Style Toolbar Icons will be highly welcomed by the majority of Apple users. Save time and money by using stock iPhone-style icons!

iPhone Style Toolbar Icons

iPhone Style Toolbar Icons

The set of iPhone graphics includes images that are likely to be used in common applications and navigation bars of online portals. More than 120 icons such as Open and Save, Documents, Filter, OK and Cancel, Yes and No, Address Book, Database, Pocketbook, Card, List and Report, Tools, Lock and Key are supplied along with many others.

iPhone Style Toolbar Icons are produces from scratch to be patent and copyright free. The entire library is instantly available for preview, purchase and download. All images are royalty free, and can be embedded into as many products of yours as you need. There are no restrictions on the number or type of products or online services that can reuse iPhone Style Toolbar Icons.

Technically, iPhone Style Toolbar Icons are supplied in a number of pixel dimensions, styles, and formats. Windows developers will find standard sizes of 48×48, 32×32, 24×24, and 16×16 pixels. iPhone-specific icons are also provided, including icons in resolutions of 59×60 pixels with a shadow and 57×57 pixels without. iPhone Style Toolbar Icons have smooth gradients, and are designed in 32-bit True Color. Normal, disabled, and highlighted versions of all icons are offered. iPhone Style Toolbar Icons come in ICO, PNG, and BMP formats.

Visit to view the entire set, download demo icons or place your order.


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