IrfanView is Best Option for Microsoft Windows Users!

IrfanView is an image viewer for the Microsoft Windows users through which the users can edit, view and change the image files as well as play audio and video files. It is well known for its speed, tiny size, easy accessible as well as capacity to manage a huge range of graphics formats of the files. At the same way, it is also having the capacity to image painting as well as creation. This software was newly introduced in 1996 that free for the non commercial user but paid registration required for the commercial user. This software was got its name from its designer Irfan Skiljan who living in Vienna. IrfanView is smoothly run under the Windows 95 through Widows 7 that known as the latest version of Microsoft company. It is also offering grate support to various types of image files formats such as: GIF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF and camera RAW.

Program is compact: basic installation of the version4.27 occupies 1.6MB, and full install with plug ins occupies around 10MB. Program is downloaded straight to the U3 compatible tool. Whereas viewing images, you will see there are many fit to screen scale choices and the automatic slideshow function. The IrfanView can make the screensavers and the slide shows from the collections of some images with the optional accompanying the MP3 audio. These are made as the stand alone executables, which can run on the Windows computers with no IrfanView installed. For the slideshow creation, the screensaver creation as well as batch image translations, and preset image processing are applied to chosen sets of the images. IrfanView will make the icons by converting the common graphic files in.ico format. It as well supports the Adobe compatible 8BFimage processing filters, which includes a lot of freely downloadable ones, mainly for the application to the whole images.

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