A Huge Pack of Menu Icons for Windows Developers

Looking for a bargain in stock icons? How would you like getting 13,000 unique images for 3 cents each? The All Menu Icons set http://www.menu-icons.com/ is a huge value pack of royalty-free ready-made graphics. Throwing 13,188 unique images into a huge bundle, this set offers unbeatable deal to all software developers. Add to that the royalty-free status of all icons images comprising the collection, and you receive a deal of the century.

But the value doesn’t end here. Developers know that, unlike other graphics, software menus often only need icons in a single size (such as 16×16, which is common for Windows software menus).  If you only need your menu icons in one size, you can save further by ordering that size only for just $99. That’s right, $99 for more than 13,000 unique menu icons – that’s 2/3 of a cent per image!

If you decide it’s worth it getting the entire bundle of royalty-free menu icons, it will cost you $399 for more than 600,000 files. All Menu Icons are provided in a number of versions including five sizes, two color depths, 3 control states and 4 file formats. Pixel dimensions of 16×16, 20×20, 24×24, 32×32, and 48×48 pixels are supplied. All Menu Icons are provided in 32-bit with semi-transparent mask, as well as in the legacy 256-color format pictured on a transparent background. All Menu Icons are supplied in GIF, PNG, BMP, and Windows ICO formats if you order the entire package. If you only require images in a single size, the ICO format will be omitted. The menu icons come in normal, disabled and hovered states.

All Menu Icons are completely royalty-free. This is essential if you require menu icons for more than one project: you can reuse All Menu Icons in as many products as you need. Even more, All Menu Icons are freely redistributable when used in your projects – all without paying any extra licensing.

Boosting such a huge number of menu icons, the collection of All Menu Icons lets you design software faster and cheaper. In this set, you’ll find menu icons depicting pretty much every symbol, object, action of control element you’ve ever seen. The set includes collections of menu icons created in different styles and covering the widest range of topics, allowing software developers make products targeted to any audience.

The menu icons are ready-made and available online with full-size previews. Visit http://www.menu-icons.com/all-menu-icons.htm to preview or place an order.

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